About Oat & Mill

How and where is this frozen delight made?

We developed an oat cream that we churn into a delicious frozen dessert. We make sure to use 100% of the whole grain Canadian oat! We source many of our ingredients and inclusions from local business partners.  Our manufacturing facility is in the Ottawa Valley.  Our founder, Candace, recently won an oat award for this innovative use of oats!

What's this whole deal with the oats about?

Oats are our favourite grain for many reasons. Firstly, oats are a sustainable Canadian crop. Research on oats has begun to explore the heart health benefits of eating oats daily. The farms we partner with grow Oats in different parts of Canada (Yes they are Gluten Free Certified and pesticide free)!

Where can we find you?

Find the Oat & Mill ice cream delivery cool cats out on the streets of Ottawa delivering direct to your door! We also regularly attend events; please follow our Facebook page for all updates. Soon, our products will be available in retail stores!

Do you have a storefront or scoop shop?

No, we don’t!  Canadian winters are a bit too long for that to be viable for us. In winter, ice cream is best enjoyed directly from the pint while in front of a heat source.  We are always growing our list of shops carrying Oat & Mill. In Ottawa for example, you can always buy pints and scoops at Little Jo Berry’s!  The advantage to this is that you can eat ice cream on top of a pastry.

At which retail stores can I find your products?

The list of stores that carry Oat & Mill is growing! Please check out our store finder to see where you can buy it near you.

Can we stop by your facility?

Unfortunately we are not set up for tours or drop ins at this time!

Is Oat & Mill vegan?

YES! All the ingredients we use do not contain dairy, meat, egg, or any byproducts of animals. You have our word on it, and the squirrels will back us up!

Is Oat & Mill safe for someone with dairy or nut allergies?

We do process our retail flavours on equipment that is not dedicated dairy-free or nut-free, so while our products do not contain any dairy ingredients, and the machinery is diligently cleaned, we cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no presence of allergens.

Is Oat & Mill gluten-free?

We use gluten-free certified Canadian oats, and the ingredients that we use in our products are entirely gluten-free.  That said, we can’t absolutely guarantee that there has been no cross-contamination at some point in the production process; we would consider our products gluten-free, but recommend caution for those who require no chance of cross-contamination.

Why did you stop carrying my favourite flavour?

We love living life to the fullest...but we also know that not everything lasts forever.  Sometimes a flavour’s time comes and goes… or the flavour runs out of steam… and we bid it a tearful adieu but with joy in our hearts from all the happy memories. To learn about some of the flavours to which we have said a fond farewell, check out our Flavour Composter.



What do I do once my package has arrived?

It's best to open the package immediately upon arrival and to place the contents in your freezer.  We will bring it right to your door, ring the doorbell, and give you your package at the date you selected for drop-off.  

Where do you ship?

We ship to Ottawa and surrounding area. To guarantee delivery, we must have proper and complete addresses. We're sorry, but at this point we cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes, as it would melt and the party would be over.

What sort of packaging will my package arrive in?

To reduce waste, you will receive your package in a cardboard box. We will have them cold up until the golden moment of arrival at your doorstep.

When do you ship?

Typically we ship one to two days a week. When you place your order online you will be offered the next available shipping opportunities, and can choose which day works best for you.  How soon your product can be shipped also depends on how many shipments we have already scheduled.  

How can I find out when I will receive my online order?

You will generally receive your order within 3-5 days - it varies from week to week. Once you fill up your cart and proceed to the checkout and enter your address (before payment) you will be given delivery date options from which you can choose. You can also choose to pick up your order at Little Jo Berry’s most days of the week.


I need to adjust my delivery timeframe on my order, how can I do this?

Feel free to leave a note with your order or send us a message at hello@oatandmill.com and we will do our very best to accommodate any changes!


I NEED MY ORDER ASAP please please please!!!

Pressed for time? Just really, really want your package to arrive sooner than later? Shoot us an email here and we will see what we can do :) hello@oatandmill.com


If we have made a mistake, we are more than happy to correct it for you. Just drop us a line at hello@oatandmill.com and we will do everything we can to make things better.  


Partnering with Oat & Mill

I am interested in buying this as a Foodservice option for my restaurant, how would I go about setting this up?

We would love to hear from you! Please send along all inquiries to candace@oatandmill.com with the Subject Field listing "WHOLESALE INQUIRIES".

I run a non-profit organization and would love to discuss a partnership with you, how can I reach you?

We would love to hear from you! Please send along all inquiries to candace@oatandmill.com with the Subject Field listing "PARTNERSHIP INQUIRIES".