O&M Core Values



Nobody is ordinary. It’s just how you explore your talents. There is no secret to becoming your own hero, the power of self-awareness and building on inner-strength can bring you there, here, and anywhere you want to go.






Conserve nature and inspire others to care for the planet                                       






Engagement, empathy, and listening. At the core of communication there should always remain a goal to understand and connect. Listen well and be respectful.






Creativity and curiosity are at the core of innovation. Be adventurous, open-minded, and question everything. 







Sometimes you need to be a little ridiculous.






Equality and inclusion. What makes you better is not by comparison but your own distinct way of doing it.






 Realize you already have what you’re looking for.







Embrace uncertainty. Understand that anything is possible with the right amount of determination.







Kindness and compassion should always lead the way. Believe everyone comes with good intentions, act in a kind manner and only ever question logic.






Create unparalleled products for everyone. Welcome feedback and always have a willingness to improve.







Discovery and the gift of failure. Science and art are about making small errors until you’ve revealed the secrets of the universe.