Introducing, the Oat&Mill Awards of Oatfulness!

by Pamela Tourigny August 31, 2017

Introducing, the Oat&Mill Awards of Oatfulness!

At Oat & Mill, we believe that oats can save the world!  

Because of that fervently held belief, we are introducing the Oat & Mill Oat Award to honour acts and displays of 'oatfulness'.

When we spot social media posts or other real life behaviours that are 'oatful', we will post shout-outs on our Instagram and Facebook, and award either the Ribbon of Robust Oats, or the Certificate of Oat Merit.

So, what does it mean to be 'oatful'?

  • You are committed to the consumption of oats
  • You are committed to catalyzing oats in your day to day life, and online
  • You behave in ways that reflect the wholesome goodness of oats
To help us find your 'oatful' posts, please be sure to tag us (@oatandmill) and/or hashtag your images with #OatandMill!  And watch for us to tag you when we repost your 'oatfullness'… with an award!  

Pamela Tourigny
Pamela Tourigny


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